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ISO 9001 Certification and Specifications

The organisation Tecalum, the group company which completes the extrusion process, possesses ISO 9001 certification, and all of the surface treatments and finishes are applied in accordance with the technical specifications in European rules: EURAS, QUALICOAT and QUALANOD.

Depending on client needs and requirements, we can perform tests and checks to guarantee that the product which is made meets all demands and standards: mechanical traction tests, metallurgical and metallographic analyses, hardness tests, 3D metrology, dimensional testing, structural resistance calculations and controls of finishes and colorimetry.

The range of products by Tecalum Sistemes possesses the proper certifications issued by official laboratories, after undergoing tests completed in accordance with European UNE standards. Certifications are also obtained in accordance with specific rules applicable by product type and use, all with the goal of certifying our products’ levels of technical performance and features.