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Ours is a company that provides light aluminium façade systems for use in commercial and residential buildings. First of all, our products pass through the aluminium façades design department, and then that of applied engineering and, last of all, production and sales.


Our Technical Department works with light aluminium façades to determine what type of product meets your project’s needs from our catalogue. We are able to provide a response for each project’s technical and economic requirements, because we foresee the possibility of introducing specific changes and adaptations from our product range in accordance with demands in each instance, thereby achieving an optimal façade solution as a result.

Quality systems

Our systems are designed to meet the technical demands required by adhering to the building industry’s rules and standards, in both design and production processes, as well as certification of the end product. Tecalum Sistemes very strictly applies the concept of quality in every stage throughout its processes.


The organisation Tecalum, the group company which completes the extrusion process, possesses ISO 9001 certification, and all of the surface treatments and finishes are applied in accordance with the technical specifications in European rules: EURAS, QUALICOAT and QUALANOD.