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The Company

TECALUM SISTEMES is a company that provides light aluminium façade systems for use in commercial and residential buildings. The company’s activities above all include, first and foremost, the fields of product design, applied engineering, production, distribution and, last of all, sales.

Our professional capability allows us to produce systems with a high level of technical quality. We also provide the advice necessary to ensure the quality of our finished products.

A wide range of aluminium products

As a result of our long-standing experience and constant work in product development, we are available to offer a wide range of products designed to offer construction solutions for light aluminium façades.

Customised Advice

Our commitment revolves around meeting the needs of professionals in the industry, to whom we offer all of our knowledge and experience, throughout the stages when defining specific solutions for each project, producing materials and putting the product in place at the work site.

A Professional Team

The main foundation for our work is our team of professionals. That is why we place the utmost attention on hiring the finest professionals and providing them with ongoing training.


Our systems have been designed in accordance with the technical requirements resulting from the application of the building industry’s rules and standards. In both design and production processes, as well as certification of the end product once installed.

The Tecalum Group

TECALUM SISTEMES, SL forms part of the Tecalum Group. The two companies perform different activities within the aluminium sector. Tecalum, S.L. manufactures profiles for the industrial sector, while Tecalum Sistemes, S.L. designs, produces, distributes and also markets systems for light aluminium façades.

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