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The following are just a few of aluminium‘s. Therefore, the following features make it ideal for producing light façades:


Light and durable

First of all, one of aluminium’s main properties is that it is light. However, by modifying the composition of its alloys, we can achieve great durability, and as a result it can be adapted to almost any use.


By its very nature, aluminium produces an oxide layer that makes it highly resistant to corrosion. And if to this we add the fact that different types of treatments can be used on its surface, this property can be enhanced even further.

Variety of finishes

Aluminium is the ideal material for creating contemporary building concepts. Whether you choose a lacquered or anodised surface finish, you will enjoy enduring beauty in windows without having to invest in paint or varnish.

Ductile and innovative

Aluminium is ductile and has a low density and fusion point, allowing aluminium products to be produced at a stage very close to the end product design.

Energy efficiency

With aluminium windows adapted to each region, insulation from outdoor heat and cold is created, thereby achieving responsible, efficient use for the energy cost. It also insulates against noise pollution and adverse weather, thereby creating acoustic and thermal comfort.

Zero maintenance

Because of the excellent finishing process on aluminium, whether anodised or lacquered, it is provided with significant protection from aggressive atmospheric agents. It also provides decorative possibilities adapted to the surrounding environment or the design of the structures in which it is installed. Therefore, it requires no specific maintenance and creates considerable savings.


Aluminium is an indefinitely recyclable material that contributes to reducing energy use by 95% when it is recycled, compared with the production originating from the mineral. Recycling does not change this metal’s characteristics and makes it highly profitable, given its market value.


Last of all, aluminium is made in alloys that are highly resistant to atmospheric agents. As a result, its durability and performance are guaranteed. This is an environmental advantage which lasts throughout its long life span.